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QM INDUSTRIES Bearings are a major component for all moving parts making bearings a critical part of our everyday lives. Bearings reduce friction enabling smooth acceleration in automobiles, quiet running ceiling fans, accurate microscopes and effective dental drills. Improvements in anti-friction bearings have played a significant role in the enhanced mobility of society in the last century.

Bearings reduce friction between two objects, which allows moving parts to run smoother. Bearings are divided into two main categories: thrust bearings and radial bearings. Thrust bearings support axial loads, which are parallel to the axis of rotation, while radial bearings support turning shafts perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Depending on the application, there is a wide range of bearings to choose from. Common types of bearings include ball bearings, split bearings, and roller bearings. Bearings are also available in mounted, unmounted, and flange styles. Ball bearings are the most common type of bearing and are used in applications requiring support of smaller loads. Split bearings are ideal for hard-to-reach places and quick installation while roller bearings are suitable for heavier loads. Roller bearings are generally available in three styles: tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings. Key elements to consider when selecting bearings are outer diameter and the shaft diameter the bearing will fit.

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU22A110SB Mounted Units & Inserts

3-13/16 in Round
7 in 2800 RPM

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A308SET Mounted Units & Inserts

Split Pillow Block 12.0000 in
Uncoated Two-Bolt Base

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A308SEB Mounted Units & Inserts

Lead Free Plain Sleeve
74 mm -40 to +248 &de

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A307SM Mounted Units & Inserts

35mm 47mm
16000 0.20 KGS

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A304SO Mounted Units & Inserts

250° Cast Iron
6.8750 in 1.9375 in

QM INDUSTRIES CKVR09 Mounted Units & Inserts

1.0000 in 3.0000 in
Eccentric Collar Malleable Iron

QM INDUSTRIES CKDR304 Mounted Units & Inserts

Steel 053893182490
1.3750 in Class 3

QM INDUSTRIES CK24T404S Mounted Units & Inserts

1.9375 in STH
9.3125 in .5000 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A090SM Mounted Units & Inserts

35mm Plastic
0.02 KGS 14mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A090SEC Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A085SM Mounted Units & Inserts

Without Snap Ring 1.3750 in
Single Row Non-Fill Round

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMH18A080ST Mounted Units & Inserts

5010 lbf ANSI/ABMA Std.
Sealed 3000 RPM